Welcome to the California Mandated Reporter Training Course. (NTU-CA111)

Course Description: 

This course is designed to educate staff members about how to recognize the signs of abuse and neglect in children and adolescents.  While working with No Treble Harm Reduction, staff members frequently assist in the care of patients who are under the age of 18.  This course will prepare staff members on how to manage situations involving child abuse or neglect.

Who Should Take This Course:

Any staff member who currently resides in the state of California is eligible to take this course free of charge.  However the state of California defines staff members who hold certain positions as health care professionals. 

Staff Members who hold the following positions are required to complete this training:

  • Event Managers

  • EMS Team Members

  • Administrative Team Members

This course is optional for all other staff members

Course Information:

This course is presented by the California Department of Social Services (CADSS).  NTHR does not control or create course content.  At the conclusion of the course you will take an online exam and receive a California Mandated Reporter - for Health Care Professional Certification from CADSS.  Your certification must be renewed every 3 years.


Click each of the links bellow to proceed to each module, a new window will open to the California Department of Social Services website.  After you complete module 1, close the window and return to the NTU page.  You MUST complete both modules, and exams to receive your California Mandated Reporter Certification.

If you are a staff member who is required to take this course, but have already obtained this certification through your employer, please send an email with a copy of your certification to: jbazarov@notrebleharmreduction.org

instead of completing the course.