Why Do I need No Treble at My Event?

We Connect Participants with Medical Services

Our highly trained staff provide a bridge between medical staff and event attendees.  We patrol the venue, identify people who may require medical assistance, and connect them with event medical teams or emergency services.  Our volunteers are able to assess participants and ensure they receive the most appropriate careFurthermore if Event Medical Staff is not available a licensed EMT-B (or higher level of care) is present at all NTHR events.

*NTHR is not a substitute for Event Medical Staff or Standby Emergency Medical Services*

We Distribute Water and Other Supplies Event Goers in Need

Our volunteers distribute water to participants in need.  The number one reason an attendee will require medical services at a concert or festival is dehydration.  Our staff is specially trained to identify participants at risk for dehydration and ensure they drink water.  In addition to this we also provide condoms, tampons, pads, hair ties, earplugs, gum, hand wipes/sanitizer, and other first aid supplies.

We Educate Attendees About Partying Responsably

Many events have participants from all age groups.  We educate event goers about partying responsibly and good decision making.  The best way to prevent an incident is to educate the attendees about safe and responsible consumption of alcohol and other substances commonly found at events.  Our Staff undergo extensive training on how to ensure participant safety.  

*Image of NTHR Staff Members undergoing Nalaxone Administration training.

We Provide a Space for Participants to Recover and Relax

Concerts, festivals, and raves can be hectic and intense for participants.  Thats why we provide a place for them to relax away from the noise and monotony of the event.  If a event goer is feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or needs someone to talk to, we provide a safe, private, judgment free environment for participants to relax.  We also provide a place for participants who aren't feeling well with an area to recover.

We Ensure all Participants are Having a Good Time

Our harm reduction teams also resolve conflicts that may occur between participants.  We act as ambassadors for first time event goers welcoming them to your event.  We are able to connect attendees with other services offered at your event such as lost and found, food vending, merch, ect, ect and show event goers to different areas of the venue if they are lost.  Our staff members will make sure all participants are comfortable and safe.  

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